Triggr: Lightweight source code monitoring

Sep 1, 2018 00:00 dotnet hangfire

Existing tools for monitoring the quality of codebases modified by multiple developers tend to be centralized and inflexible. These tools increase the visibility of quality by producing effective reports and visualizations when a change is made to the codebase and triggering alerts when undesirable situations occur. However, their configuration is invariably both (a) centrally managed in that individual maintainers cannot define local rules to receive customized feedback when a change occurs in a specific part of the code in which they are particularly interested, and (b) coarse-grained in that analyses cannot be turned on and off below the file level. Triggr, the tool proposed in this paper, addresses these limitations by allowing distributed, customized, and fine-grained monitoring. It is a lightweight re-implementation of our previous tool, CodeAware, which adopts the same paradigm. The tool listens on a codebase’s shared repository using an event-based approach, and can send alerts to subscribed developers based on rules defined locally by them. Triggr is open-source and available at A demonstration video can be found at

We have submitted an academic paper to Automated Software Engineering (ASE) with professors and we are accepted.